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Hello and welcome to my website! My name is Beverly Bautista, and I am a Filipina American artist, dance educator, choreographer, and creative director.

Born a Chicago-native, I received a bachelor's degree from Ball State University and a Master of Fine Arts from UC Irvine. With my 12+ years of experience in the Los Angeles commercial dance industry, my credits include traveling internationally and nationally with multiplatinum rapper, NICKI MINAJ, the BILLBOARD MUSIC AWARDS, opening for BRITNEY SPEARS'S Till the World Ends tour, and GOOD MORNING AMERICA.  Other credits include DISNEY'S SHAKE IT UP, VERSACE, LIP SYNC BATTLE, and the iHEART RADIO MUSIC AWARDS. 

I am inspired to create from joy, issues that reflect the times, and shared experiences. Currently, I serve as an Assistant Professor of Dance at Ball State University, and I also serve on the advisory board for Dance Education Equity Association where I seek to engage safety, equity, and inclusion in all dance spaces. 

With my in-field experience as a professional dancer, education, and growth mindset, I’m confident in my ability and passion as a DANCE EDUCATOR because I speak from EXPERIENCE.

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Confession: I have found my passion with performing to run parallel to my love for TEACHING DANCE. I’m always fascinated to see my students grow in their confidence as a person as they develop their innate voice through movement within their bodies.

I am deeply grateful that my dance performing experience has led to tours around the United States, Hong Kong, Australia, Japan to performing on recorded television with DISNEY, a commercial for PEPSI with Nicki Minaj OR live television experiences with the BILLBOARD MUSIC AWARDS, NBA ALL STARS, and the iHEART RADIO MUSIC AWARDS to name a few.

Dance has taken me all around the world!

And I want to share my experience with the next generation of dancers and artists. I am the link that helps people find the connection between DANCE and how it applies to LIFE. My goal is for students to experience freedom in their own artistic choices.

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Qualitative Dispute - Choreography by Beverly Jane Bautista

Qualitative Dispute - Choreography by Beverly Jane Bautista

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Beverly Jane Bautista Choreography - "I'm Good" by Tim Bowman Jr

Beverly Jane Bautista Choreography - "I'm Good" by Tim Bowman Jr

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"Light Up" Music Video - Choreography by Beverly Jane Bautista

"Light Up" Music Video - Choreography by Beverly Jane Bautista

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With Love, Beverly Jane Ilagan Ramirez Bautista - A Short Documentary Dance Film

With Love, Beverly Jane Ilagan Ramirez Bautista - A Short Documentary Dance Film

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Don't see a class listed here? Let's collaborate!

Since the dance industry is ever-changing, I find it necessary to stay relevant and connected to the current generation of students while actively honoring the history of those who have gone before us.

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My aim is for students to find an innate balance of alignment, placement, flexibility, strength, and coordination and take ownership of their space. In class, we will be intentional about your use of focus, intention, energy as well as musicality, dynamics, and transition! I believe with repetition and safe space to apply these methods, students will grow into their individual presence, respect for self and others.

My hope is for students to develop an appreciation for the historical and cultural lineage and artistry of jazz dance within the African diaspora and its many different styles. 


Working with a recording artist takes work and what better way than to work on how-to skills in the studio! In this class you will learn choreography quickly, problem solve efficiently, and collaborate with a team of artists. We will film, watch footage, have discussions, and apply feedback from discussions.

Students will understand how they process in high stress situations and apply the skills they learn in professional settings.


Check out my CV for a list of more or let's collaborate and create new programming! Collaboration is always key!

Jumping Dancer

I reached out to Beverly and thanked her for including a [particular jazz] book as part of our syllabus. I have been struggling for years with how I can be actively antiracist in a country that is rooted in racism. I always feels like I'm never doing enough. But when you relate that to something I deeply care about, my thought process changes. I just love how this book not only educates and explains but it illustrates how we can actually make an influence as well. I know I still (and always will) have so much to learn but I am so glad I get to continue to do the work through what I love to do.

D. Hunter (Musical Theatre BFA '24) - Jazz Student

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