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Welcome to My Blog!

Updated: May 16, 2023

Welcome to My Blog! - Dance Educator, Beverly Jane Bautista

As a first generation Filipino-American and native Chicagoan...

my parents modeled the importance of academia through their degrees as an architect-engineer and a nurse. My highly compassionate and empathetic nature was cultivated in my formative years and has evolved through my passion as a dance artist.

My contributions to the development of a diverse and inclusive learning community are inherent values in my teaching practice. In my previous position as a contemporary jazz teacher in the Musical Theater department at the Creative and Performing Arts School (CAPA 6-12), I worked with a vast population of young high school artists who identify as LGBTQ+, African American, Asian American, and Latino American.

During graduate school at the University of California-Irvine, I was assigned as a teaching associate and coordinator for the Summer Academies Lite dance program. Through this experience, I quickly realized the socioeconomic barriers some students faced during the Covid-19 pandemic. I continue to challenge myself to utilize 21st century modalities for students to experience freedom in their own artistic identities.

My ongoing thesis research with Asian American identity in dance has led me to publications in Dance Major Journal as well as a case study contribution, yet to be released, in Dance in U.S. Popular Culture. My graduate thesis work investigates the perceptions, identities, and typecasting issues surrounding Asian American commercial dancers in Los Angeles through personal and historical contexts. Through my research and my position on the Dance Education Equity Association Advisory Board, I encourage inclusive conversations surrounding anti-racism, anti-othering, and anti-abuse within the classroom and beyond.

In the last 5 years, I have been actively involved as a Ball State University alumni serving as a Ball State Alumni Ambassador and a Theater & Dance Alumni Society executive board member. I have taught guest artist workshops, remote classes, and referred students to high quality training opportunities in Los Angeles. By maintaining my professional contacts in Los Angeles with working choreographers, teachers, and agents, I offer current, in field knowledge about the commercial dance industry. Currently, I am a Visiting Assistant Professor at Ball State University, and I hope to create programs and connections for current and prospective students aspiring to build a professional career in dance.

My Why...

Real talk, I never saw anyone that looked like me in academia and representation matters. As a teaching artist, I support diverse and inclusive learning communities because I believe in developing dance artists into critical thinkers and complete human beings.

Let's connect on social media, Instagram or Twitter, @beverlyjaneb ! I always welcome ways we can work together to create programming for your institution. I'd love to teach or plan a residency at your institution--let's dance!


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